Tampa Alumnae History

Tampa Alumnae History

Historical Perspective of the Tampa Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


The Tampa Alumnae Chapter was chartered as Gamma Mu Sigma on April 9, 1947 by seven women: Mary Holt Bunch, Eula Bennett Fuller, Ada Duhart McRay, Ruth Corbitt Moore, Linda Harris Reddick, Nathalie Sheehy Smith, and Rosalind Williams Talley. For more than 70 years, we have proudly continued the legacy of our founders by providing dedicated and committed service to the Tampa Bay community.   The Tampa Alumnae Chapter is truly committed to the Five-Point Programmatic Thrust established by our Founders 105 years ago.  We continue to develop and implement award winning programs designed to encourage the intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of our youth; as well as promote voter registration, financial fortitude, and cultural enrichment.  


We proudly sponsor all three of Delta’s youth initiatives: the Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy; the Jeane L. Noble Delta GEMS; and EMBODI. We have been able to mentor and sponsor more than 125 students each year. We have been able to partner with the Omega Psi Phi fraternity and partner volunteers to ensure that we have enough mentors to support our growing youth groups. While early signature fundraising events included Jabberwock and the Queen of Hearts Ball, we have continued to evolve and now host Club Delta/Reds & Whites where we party with a purpose and Tampa Teen Idol, a singing competition for Hillsborough County High School students. As a result of our fundraising efforts we offer more than $20,000 in scholarships annually.  


In addition to Educational Development, Tampa Alumnae upholds the vision of its Founders by interweaving Social Action in all of our five-point programs and Arts & Letters. The Economic Development Committee is responsible for educating the community and chapter members on personal fiscal management, financial security, homeownership, and entrepreneurship. Political Awareness and Involvement is responsible for developing and coordinating community programs designed to enhance political awareness and eradicate social inequities. The Tampa Alumnae Chapter’s Political Awareness and Involvement Committee serves as a vehicle for advocacy, social change, and public policy. We have sponsored various activities including: Voter Registration Drives, "Get Out the Vote" Rallies, Political Forums including reception for Local Leaders in Politics and Educational Seminars.


The Tampa Alumnae Chapter’s International Awareness and Involvement Committee has presented community-based programs that increase cultural awareness, promote understanding of displaced individuals, and increased knowledge related to HIV/AIDS. Additionally the chapter has provided financial support for supplies and administrative support, educational scholarships and clean water for people in depressed areas.


The Arts & Letters committee identifies activities that will enhance the members and community’s engagement and appreciation fine arts and cultural enrichment through the development and coordination of programs/projects surrounding the creation, exploration and cultivation of literature, art, music and other forms of expression. Tampa Alumnae proudly hosts Red Carpet events, Annual Youth Art Exhibits for Hillsborough County students and “Circle of Sisters” book clubs.


Tampa Alumnae prides itself on being agents for change, living the legacy of our Founders, impacting the community and making the difference that sets the standard for others to follow.


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