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Ladies and Gentlemen…. Get ready for an exciting and engaging way to give back to the community. The Tampa Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. presents May Week 2023 – United through Community Service!

May Week is a national program of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority that was created at the second national convention at Wilberforce University in 1920. May Week emphasizes scholastic achievements, educational opportunities, high scholarship, and promotion of the Sorority’s National Five-Point Programmatic Thrust.


The Tampa Alumnae Chapter invites sorors and/or the Hillsborough County

community to the following events.


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: United in Building One Home at a Time– May 2

EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: United Through Literacy - May 1

POLITICAL AWARENESS: United in Acknowledging Our History - May 5

INTERNATIONAL AWARENESS: United Through Giving Back- May 3

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH: Expression of Determination, Strength, and Triumph - May 6

2023_May_Week_-_General_Post Flyer.png
2023_May_Week_-_Educational_Development Flyer.png
2023_May_Week_-_IAI Flyer.png
2023 May Week - Political Awareness & Involvement Flyer.png
2023_May_Week_-_Economic_Dev Flyer.png
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